Dairy Farm Solar Power Solutions
Al Hurst Solar is committed to the promotion of sustainable energy solutions to private, industrial and agricultural clients. We are always looking for ways to provide the most cost effective access to solar energy to the greatest number of people, at the best prices. This is why we are pleased to introduce our new solar dairy solar solutions.

Agriculture has been a huge part of the New Zealand Industry, and this is set to continue. Technological advancements now make the concept of running a dairy farm predominantly on solar energy a reality. Our aim is to deliver this service to clients in the farming sector as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

Photovoltaic solar energy systems are now on the market for farmers from many Suppliers, and we are extremely excited at the prospect of being able to deliver this service to the agricultural sector in New Zealand.

Some of the advantages of solar dairy systems

  • Optimal use of dairy shed or land.
  • The systems take up little space.
  • Operate the farm at peak efficiency.
  • Cost effective – save on your energy costs.
  • A more efficient design means longer life and less call outs.

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